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Woodlief and Rush is a law firm specializing in civil litigation in the areas of complex personal injury, land and property damage, admiralty, as well as litigation involving commercial, partnership and business matters.  For over 30 years, attorneys Mitchel Woodlief and Brian Rush have represented clients in the Jacksonville and Tampa Bay area.  Mitchel Woodlief practices in the Jacksonville office, located near downtown Jacksonville.  Brian Rush practices in the Tampa office, conveniently located in the Carrollwood area.

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Auto Accidents / Injuries

Our firm represents Clients who have suffered significant personal injuries or losses arising from car, motorcycle and truck crashes, falls, collisions, medical negligence and other intentional torts.

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Eminent Domain

We represent landowners whose land is being condemned under the eminent domain statutes by state, local or regional condemning authorities, including public utilities.

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Business Loss / Disputes

We represent individuals and businesses where the business owners or business partners are having a dispute in regard to operation or control of the business.

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Admiralty & Maritime Law

Our firm represents Clients who have suffered injuries or losses on any navigable waters of the United States. Typically, these claims are litigated in Federal Courts.


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